Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Delman Satin Bow Slide

Something about these shoes make we want to wear them with a floaty silk and marabou peignoir while sashaying around my decadent boudoir, smoking a slender cigarette and plotting to lure unsuspecting men into my tangled web of deceit.

Photo courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

It's just amazing what an iridescent pink bow can do to a grown woman.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

eLuxury Private Sale

Budget-conscious fashionistas may want to check out eLuxury's private handbag sale. They have Tod's, Marc Jacobs and Dior handbags at very reduced prices. Some notable pieces:

At $245 reduced from $490, this Pink Rain Bowling Bag may be one of the least expensive Dior bags ever offered.

Tod's sexy snakeskin Venghé Pochette can be had for the sale price of $483.

Lastly, Marc Jacobs' Calf Leather Pochette is 30% off at $525 and is available in black, emerald, or rose quartz.

Happy bargain hunting!

Photos courtesy of eluxury.com

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A partial misnomer

The Moschino Cheap & Chic Grommet Leather Tote pairs bold silver hardware with an ultra-feminine shade of cornflower blue, and the effect is very "bad girl goes to Easter mass". In a good way.

Photo courtesy of msn.com

Composed of soft Italian leather, this fun bag sports a front pocket with a snap-lock closure and a cheeky polka-dot lining. It measures an accommodating 7"H X 15½"L X 4"W, and while it's certainly chic, its $720 price tag takes it well out of the realm of "cheap".

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Marc Jacobs Carmen bag

I've had some concerns with Marc Jacobs' creativity in the past, but if he keeps designing dazzling bags like this Carmen shoulder bag, he's going to win me over completely.

This magnificent purse features equestrian-inspired details, glossy calfskin, and sumptuous suede lining. Its signature twin pockets are subtly nestled under the adjustable, padded shoulder strap. The flap closure is secured by two magnetic snaps under the side buckles. But enough with the dry specs! Let's try this beauty on in the T. Moro hue:

Ahhhh. Heaven.

Photos courtesy of eluxury.com

Monday, May 23, 2005

The thin line...

Someone needs to supervise Isabella Fiore and take the sketch pad away from her before she turns "Just Right"

into "Just Too Damn Much!"

The first three are just sublime loveliness, while the bottom three are cornea-scorching disasters. How do these bags all come from the same woman?

Photos courtesy of neimanmarcus.com and bergdorfgoodman.com

Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday quickie: Mimosa Mules

I don't think there's anything sweeter than these embroidered linen mules from (who else?) Manolo Blahnik.

Photo courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com

The style is so classic Manolo, you can spot them from a mile away. Beautiful, no?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nancy Gonzalez Mink & Crocodile Bag

Oh my goodness, Nancy Gonzalez, what happened? You normally make such beautiful, inventive bags!

Photo courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com

Crocodile... You know I love it. Mink? Well, I'm not wild about it, but it's definitely a luxurious, extravagant touch. But together? Please say you didn't. It doesn't work. This bag has a distinct "picked up at Claire's Boutique the night before the prom" feel to it. And if you ask me to pay $2,395 for it with a straight face, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cole Haan Trinity Shoulder bag

When I saw the glossy ad for this Cole Haan bag, posed coquettishly with a flower tucked behind one of the straps, I wanted it immediately.

Photo courtesy of colehaan.com

The clean, feminine shape with the shiny nickel chain straps make this bag so appealing. It's simple enough to go with just about anything, and with an 8" drop, you can comfortably wear it over the shoulder. The burnished leather comes in fern, natural, soft pink, white and black.

Update: Now on sale at Neiman Marcus for $184!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I spit on your spats

I think I have previously mentioned my extreme hatred for spats. Since no one seemed to be wearing the stupid things, I had figured that it was simply a misguided design that never quite took off. So imagine my bewilderment and horror when I come across these:

And these:

And, oh sweet Jesus, these:

That's right, Le Train Bleu offers not one, but three kinds of spats for all of us who have "secretly harbored spats fantasies." Or perhaps for those who feel like simple leg warmers are not quite offensive enough.

Look, if you're willing to pay $149 for a pair of leather knee-high spats, you might want to look into some new-fangled contraptions called "boots".

Photos courtesy of letrainbleu.com

Friday, May 13, 2005

Francisco Biasa Indian Gypsy

I think it's great that PinkMascara.com offers pictures of models holding their bags to give a sense of the bag's size, but couldn't they take the time to remove the sold out items from their site? I hate getting taunted with the stuff that I just missed out on. Like this Indian Gypsy bag by Biasa, for example.

Photos courtesy of pinkmascara.com

Love the contrast stitching, the soft Italian leather, the antique brass hardware and yes, even the tassels. Luckily, I found this great bag at Zappos.com just as I was starting to despair. The yummy hot chocolate color (pictured) is not available, but the equally lovely Havana brown, vintage green, and black are still up for grabs.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

FOUND: Kooba Sienna

Kitson actually has two of the Sienna bags in luggage brown in stock!

Photo courtesy of shopkitson.com

Somebody please put me out of my misery and buy them, or I will be forced to get one and promptly receive a stern lecture about money not growing on trees.

J. Crew straw bags

It's a gorgeous day out today, and it's put me in the mood for some more straw bags. In particular, I would really love a couple of J. Crew's new embroidered corn husk bags.

Photo courtesy of jcrew.com

For $48, you have your choice of flamingos, seahorses, pineapple or lobster, with matching cotton twill lining. It features an inside pocket and an 11" handle drop for a comfortable fit over the shoulder. Wear one of these with your favorite pair of espadrilles and you're set for a weekend at the beach.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Le Talentueux, my new love

My favorite bag was away for a much-needed cleaning for quite some time and I felt rather naked without it. To console myself during its absence, I got a Le Talentueux, despite having poked fun of her big sister, the Le Fabuleux a few months ago.

Photo courtesy of eluxury.com

I must say, this bag did a pretty good job of tiding me over. The plum color is a very neutral purple, so it goes with a surprising number of other colors. I love the beautiful goat leather and the perfect compact size of it. Most of all, I like the way that it says, "I'm a lady, but I'll kick your ass if you cross me."

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Can I get popcorn with that?

I think Luca's "Fall in Love" handbag would be better dubbed "Fell into a cotton candy machine."

Photo courtesy of bluefly.com

Bobby Trendy should check his closet, because I think he's missing a purse.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I want what I can't get

Olivia pointed out that the fun Barbara Bui bag below has sold out. As an alternative, here is the Sonia Rykiel leather hanging chain bag.

Photo courtesy of brownsfashion.com

Only available in red. It shares many of the same characteristics of the other bag, but it's a good deal more at £210. Of course, now that I know that I can no longer order the Barbara Bui bag, I want it even more. Isn't that always how things work out?

Bad girls need handbags too

This isn't normally my style, but I really like this leather shoulder bag by Barbara Bui:

Photo courtesy of redoute.com

It's sort of Bondage Girl meets Balenciaga. I love the chain accents and leather streamers, which add interest without taking too much attention away from the structure of the bag. It's on sale now for $129, so you can explore your bad girl side without overtaxing your wallet.

Update: Fixed the link!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Yves Saint Laurent, meet Dr. Scholl's

I love the retro pinup glamour of this Yves Saint Laurent Lolita Dots Sandal.

Photo courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

So very high and sexy! The ankle strap and black patent leather trim make it extra flirty, while the wooden platform sole make it unbearably painful. Such is the sad predicament for the girl who loves the look of high wooden soled shoes, but who actually needs to walk and stand in said shoes.

All is not lost! I have high hopes for Dr. Scholl's new For Her Open Shoe Insoles.

Photo courtesy of drscholls.com

These slim, discreet insoles are specifically designed for a variety of different open shoes, like sandals, strappy dress shoes, sling back and slides. Most importantly, they provide the necessary padding at the ball of the foot and heel that many of the most fabulous shoes neglect to include.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kooba Sienna

Since I'm the last person on the planet to hear about everything, I almost never get my hands on the really great bags. I've unfortunately fallen in love with Kooba's Sienna bag, inspired by Brit Boho princess Sienna Miller.

Photos courtesy of pinkmascara.com

Of course, those of us who didn't have the foresight to pre-order this tote are going to miss out on the fab cream, white/gold and luggage brown colors, which are already sold out. Hardcore fans will get a second chance at getting this bag in June, when they will be releasing it in nutmeg and olive. Chocolate suede (*drool*) and black leather will be available in August. Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Louis Vuitton Denim bags

After much anticipation, the Louis Vuitton Denim bags were finally released to the public early this week.

Images courtesy of vuitton.com

They've been wait listed for a while already, so if you find that you can't live without one, get your name on the list ASAP and keep your fingers crossed, because these bags are going to be produced in limited numbers. The Vachetta Speedy (top) is $1280 and the smaller Vachetta Pleaty (bottom) is $1070. They are also being made with red alligator trim, but these will be even more scarce, and will carry $4850 and $4300 price tags. (So little alligator, such a big price difference!)

My opinion? Meh. For denim at those prices, I'll pass.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Simply Charming

I'm a sucker for purse charms, and I love to dangle all manner of decorative, unnecessary items from my handbags. Prada makes great ones, but they are rather outrageously priced at $138 each.

Intuition offers some much cheaper alternatives:

Photos courtesy of saks.com and shopintuition.com

At $9 each, you won't go broke adorning your purse or keys. You won't get the same quality, but you'll save a load of cash for more handbags.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Summer Sweats

It seems like people are just now realizing that wearing calf-length shearling boots in August might not be the best idea. In response to this, Ugg has recreated their alarmingly popular foot-funk generating boots in horrifying clog form.

Photo courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

The entire sole is lined with wool pile, but they claim that these shoes will keep your feet comfortable in 80 degree temperatures. Well, thank God, because I've been waiting ages to be able to wear the bulky look of fleece in tropical heat. Now I just need a kicky pair of sheepskin shorts, and I'll be all set for summer!