Thursday, January 27, 2005

I just don't think you're trying, Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has been designing handbags for Louis Vuitton and has been credited for breathing new life back into the line. And granted, he has made some amazing contributions. But lately, he just seems to be phoning it in.

Take his latest creation for Vuitton, the Manhattan bag, aka the Sac Bowling:

Sultry Uma pose notwithstanding, I can't help but notice the resemblance of this latest bag to Marc's own successful line of handbags. Take, for example, his ever-popular Venetia bag:

Really, Marc, did you actually expect us not to notice this? Did you just think to yourself, "Well, everyone likes this two-pocket look, I'll just do it in monogram canvas and it should sell like hotcakes!" Well, sadly you're probably right, but I'm watching you, Marc Jacobs, and I'd better see some improvement ASAP!

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Prada is a saucy little tease

So I'm looking through the new handbags at and I come across this little number:

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LUST. I mean, yeah, so it's a little creepy, since it's basically a little pouch of skin, but it's so SEXY and fabulous. I love it. I have to have it. And then I read "This item cannot be shipped to California."

Apparently, the state of California has decided that I can't have any python products. California sucks.