Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nicky Hilton Double Pocket Bag

As unimpressed as I am with Nicky Hilton's "Chick" line at Kitson, I actually find myself liking the double pocket bag.

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It's quite flashy and of questionable taste, but this bag is undeniably fun. Something about the normally formal double s-locks and chain handles paired with the playful glitziness of the sequins kind of works.

Kitson stocks this bag in hot pink, purple and black, but the cream one pictured above is not available.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pre-order for fall: Chloe Python Silverado

It's been quite a long day, so the only thought I want to express tonight is a complaint:

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California sucks because I can't pre-order the bronze or silver Python Silverado here. I'll be doomed to admire it on the shoulders of other women, who are either from out of state or far more resourceful than I.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Johanna Ho Multi-Function Bag

I love this retro gold multi-function bag from Johanna Ho.

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Purses that convert from a clutch to a shoulder bag win big points from me. In this case, the braided leather strap is removable, so you can easily transition from a daytime to an evening look without having to swap out handbags.

For those who don't care for the metallic leather, this purse is also available in a safer, but more boring black.

Monday, June 27, 2005

John Galliano: Fashion Forward Crazy Man

John Galliano is clearly insane. A genius, yes, but completely batty. And while such insanity has spawned some stunningly unique and beautiful creations, such as his gloriously opulent collection of couture gowns, it also harbors a far more sinister side. A side that results in abominations such as this:

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The sole and the cuff? Very promising. Everything in between? Appalling, and downright perplexing. Did they give the poor rabbit an atrocious haircut before his untimely doom? Why the shapeless, uneven texture?

This boot pulls off the extraordinary feat of making the wearer look as though their calves were afflicted by both rampant follicle growth and bulky cellulite... Certainly a novel image for the runways. If this is going to be the look for fall, I guess we'd better throw out those razors and start packing away those Twinkies, stat.

I can't shake the feeling that if we were to take an Epilady to it, we would reveal a really gorgeous boot underneath that mess.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Get it now: Denim Pleaty

It Bag collectors, act fast! Louis Vuitton's Denim Pleaty is now available on

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They've been available on and off all day, so if the picture link doesn't work, check back in an hour or so. Indecisive buyers occasionally hold some bags in their online shopping bags, which are cleared out on an hourly basis, so recently "released" bags will show up in inventory periodically.

Grab this beauty for $1070, or hold out for the denim Speedy, which is sure to follow soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

baby phat Outrageous Ostrich Scoop

The designers at baby phat seems to have freely "borrowed" some inspiration from Isabella Fiore, as their Outrageous Ostrich Scoop hobo

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bears more than a passing resemblance to Fiore's Python-Embossed Bag:

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Still, it's not a complete rip off, and the $65.95 price tag is much easier to swallow than $550. It features golden logo hardware, zip closure, and an interior pocket.

You do get what you pay for, though, as this bag is made of synthetic ostrich and lizard embossed leather. Hey, at least you know that you don't have to worry about it getting ruined in the rain.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Botkier Stirrup Mix Bag

The motorcycle bag trend takes a decidedly preppy turn with this lovely Botkier Stirrup Mix Bag.

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I'm a big fan of the canvas and nude leather combination, and the gold studs add just the right amount of "bling" that this bag needs. It's got a very classic shape, so when (and if) the trend passes, you can simply remove the little streamers from the zippers or just trim them down. It boasts tons of pockets and the adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Anthropologie Summer Bags

I'm swooning over Anthropologie's latest crop of purses.

Their Congo Tote is simply dripping with coral, wood and glass beads. This roomy satin-lined purse can be carried in your hand or over the shoulder by a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. A lovely summer piece, it somehow manages to be decadent and earthy at the same time.

The Shell Drawstring Hobo is lux castaway chic. This large beauty is composed of neutral silks studded with seashells, coral and glass seed beads and finished with leather tassels.

The extraordinary Beaded Butterfly Bag is embellished with intricate embroidery and seed beads and pulled together by a rattan bracelet handle. It's padded and fully lined with a zipper closure.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, the Stenciled Satchel recalls the sweetness of white eyelet. The floral cutouts reveal the aqua lining, and the white cotton is adorned with embroidery, gold sequins and glass beading. This shoulder bag features an inside pocket and a snap closure, and can be yours for $58.

Lastly, this darling Crab Apple Coin Purse sports an unexpected lavender lining, a corsage of striped cotton, lace and buttons, and a charming $18 price tag.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

A wonderful lapse in taste

Leave it to Dior to take leopard print to a whole new level of tacky-fabulous.

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It's rather appropriately named the Diva Leopard Bag, and my inner drag queen demands to have one of these. There is not a single subtle element on this bag- it couldn't be more eye-catching if it were on fire. From the leopard calf hair to the huge Dior medallion on the flap, it's all in-your-face kitsch, and Lord, how I love it.

This purse makes me want to knock back a couple of cosmopolitans and hop a plane to Vegas with it this very instant. That has to be a good thing.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sweet inspiration?

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I sincerely hope this isn't a budding trend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Burberry Sale

Burberry is having a fantastic sale on handbags right now, with bags reduced to less than half their original prices. There are currently over forty pieces on sale, and all of them ring in at less than $300.

This dainty suede shoulder bag was originally $725, but has been marked down to $199. Your can have your choice of either magenta or lilac trim with putty suede.

The crocodile embossed leather clutch that I admired not too long ago has been slashed down from $295 to $99. Just pop in some gloss, keys, ID, and some cash and you're ready for an evening out. Available in moss, red, black or turquoise.

The shackle hobo, down to $269 from $595 in white, tan, magenta, or emerald leather, is a classic look and a great deal.

The small shackle bag in white leather is great for summer and has been lowered from $525 to $239.

This large and elegant shackle shoulder bag is a steal at $299.

And finally, the feminine shackle handbag, originally $695, is now $249 and available in white, natural, magenta, or emerald.

If you're like me and can't resist a good sale, pop on over and take a look at the whole selection. It's well worth the look.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A mixed bag...

Jimmy Choo seems to be branching out a bit more in his handbag designs, and while the majority of the purses are quite lovely, there are a few missteps. Let's start with the good:

The metallic Grommet Hobo is simply divine. The pewter leather is eye-catching without being too flashy. I love how the grommets work so well with the floral cutouts.

This exquisite Calfskin Shoulder Bag is perhaps the most elegant drawstring bag I've ever seen.

The Embellished Suede Hobo is a big departure from his rigid, structured bags. Soft ruched suede is dotted with multicolor beads and finished off with striking golden hardware. It's an unusual, funky bag, but priced a tad steeply at $1,950.

Altogether, they make a wonderful, eclectic collection. But, try as we might, we can't ignore the bad:

These unfortunate-looking embroidered fur bags resemble a couple of family pets with a wicked case of mange. Note to Jimmy: When I buy a $2,500 bag, I want it to convey a sense of glamour and luxury, not a parasitic skin infection.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Act now: Balenciaga Bags at Browns

Wait list be damned, Browns Fashion now has a stock of Balenciaga Classique (Motorcycle), City and mini Twiggy bags ready to ship. I'm in love with the magenta color, despite not having a stitch of clothing in my closet that will match it.

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Browns is a an authorized retailer of Balenciaga bags, so grab yours before you experience the Paddington heartbreak I encountered this morning.

Moyna clutches

I'm mad for evening bags lately, and I was delighted to find a gigantic selection of elegant purses at Moyna's online store. There is a very wide range of styles, both dressy and casual, but here are two of my favorites:

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The first clutch is silk encrusted with hundreds of mother-of-pearl beads, and is $210. The second has a wonderful vintage feel and costs $98, which is incredible, considering the amount of work involved in its creation. Both styles feature an inside pocket and are available in a multitude of colors.

The designer, Moyna Singh, works with skilled artisans in India to create intricately embroidered and beaded bags. All the pieces are painstakingly embellished by hand using traditional techniques. Consequently, all the purses have a little variation, so you are guaranteed to get a unique piece.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Pre-order your Kooba Sienna or Scarlett bags now!

Wow, three posts in one day? How unlike me. I fear I might have sprained something.

Anyway, I just got the email from that they are now accepting pre-orders for their new Sienna and Scarlett bags!

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The Sienna is offered in black or nutmeg leather, or delectable chocolate suede (pictured above) and will be $595. The Scarlett is available in nutmeg leather and chocolate suede, and will run you $475 and $430. The bags will be shipped in mid to late August.

And now I promise to shut up about these bags. (Statcounter shows that most people come to my site looking for these purses, so I felt that I had to indulge them.)

The Real Handbag of Glory

I think I might have found the actual Handbag of Glory which, if you recall, makes ladies weep when they see it, and sends those who touch it directly to heaven. Behold its incredible splendor:

Photo courtesy of Créateurs de Luxe

This is a stunning 30cm porosus crocodile Birkin, adorned with 18 karat gold hardware and nearly 10 carats of pavè diamonds. The cost of this sublime creation? A cool $49,999, plus $100 shipping. Hey, getting your hands on a piece of paradise can be really expensive. Luckily, the seller accepts American Express.

(Thanks to Jessica, the Purse Blog, and The Manolo for calling my attention to the Monkton's Handbag of Glory.)

Caveat Emptor

Think that Louis Vuitton purse from that powerseller is authentic because they have a high feedback rating? Think again. Just because a seller has 500 feedback, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are trustworthy. Some unscrupulous sellers will sell hundreds of $.05 recipes (usually as private auctions) to get a high feedback rating, and then use that rating to sell fake designer handbags. They can also use this tactic to bury negative feedback from the buyers they fleeced, since they know that many potential buyers will look through the first few pages of feedback, but will probably not bother to wade through everything to find the negative ratings.

So, to get the real scoop on a seller, you might find this negative/neutral feedback filter from useful. Keep in mind that many buyers might leave neutral feedback on a fake bag because they fear getting a negative rating in return, so read the comments carefully. Also, check the completed auctions of that seller to see what they sold in the last 30 days. Even private auctions will show up here, so if you see 50 recipes for blueberry pancakes, back away slowly, and for God's sake, don't bid!

Receipts also don't mean much, as there are many kinds of software being offered out there that will generate counterfeit receipts.

Lastly, don't fall for the "money-back guarantee on authenticity" scam! Most sellers require written documentation from the store stating that the item is fake, which they NEVER give. Even if they do take the item back, many will charge an outrageous "restocking" fee of up to 30%. Which, of course, was their goal all along.

Oh my, how did I end up on this soapbox again? I just hate it when people are cheated out of their hard-earned money. Please be careful when bidding, and keep in mind that sites like will check photos for authenticity for a fee of $5, so verify before you bid!

And if any of my dear readers here are contemplating a Vuitton bag online and are unsure of whether the item is real, drop me a line. I'm not an expert with vintage or special order pieces, but I can usually spot fakes with the more readily available stuff within the last 5 years or so, and I would be happy to help.

Shop safe!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

L. Lo's Woven Leather Hobo

When Lindsay Lohan is not toting around her Balenciaga bag, or her enviable python Silverado, she is usually spotted around town carrying a lovely Bottega Veneta-esque woven leather hobo.

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At $525, it's certainly not cheap, but it is a good deal less expensive than its inspiration. With its casual slouchy shape, this hobo makes a great everyday bag. You can pick yours up at

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dooney & Burke Bolero Bag

While I was shopping last weekend, I happened to glance at the window display at the Dooney & Burke boutique. What I saw there stopped me in my tracks.

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I actually stood there gaping at it for several seconds, immobilized by its sheer ugliness. It looks like it was created by a color-blind 7-year old at summer camp, a lanyard gone horribly wrong.

And the color combinations! Turquoise, pink, and sunflower... Fuchsia, sunflower, and sky blue... Kiwi, tangerine, sunflower... My eyes ache at the very mention of those bright hues warring with another on one handbag.

Now excuse me, but I have to get this purse off my monitor before it permanently burns its image into the screen.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Claire V. handbags

Claire V. offers a unique collection of handbags made of hand-loomed silks in a stunning array of colors. Many of the purses are embellished with gorgeous embroidery and neat details like waterbuffalo horn handles. Here is a small sampling of their huge selection:

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The bags are handcrafted by landmine victims in Cambodia, who are trained in sewing and silk weaving, and are paid a fair wage. Ten percent of Claire V's net proceeds are donated to education and health initiatives for women and children in Southeast Asia, so you can buy a handmade work of art and contribute to a worthy cause at the same time.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Random reads that I love

I have finally gotten around to posting a links section. It's a pretty random assortment of fashion, gossip and well-written rants that I read every day. Hope you find them to be as interesting as I do! (Thanks to Bloglines for finally enabling me to do this.)

Carved Floral Leather Wide Tote

T-bags has created an adorable carved leather tote exclusively for Scoop.

Photo courtesy of

This boho beauty features a tooled floral leather design and hip whipstitch detailing. Don't worry about the "black hole" problem with larger totes, as there are two internal pockets to keep your small items safe. It's a perfect casual handbag, and you can choose from turquoise, camel, coral, ivory, olive or yellow.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Saks Fifth Avenue Sale

I'm very excited about the Saks Fifth Avenue sale going on right now, as many of the lovely items I've ogled recently have just been marked down.

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These gorgeous Jimmy Choo Etan Silk Slides have been reduced from $495 to $345.90, and I couldn't be happier. I must have these.

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Prada's Tessuto Skipper Frame bag is now $795.90... Not quite affordable, but still oh so very magnificent.

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And my very favorite, the Marc Jacobs Carmen bag is down to $720 in the Washed Coral color.

And many, many others. Make sure to take some time to scour the sale pages for more gorgeous designer steals!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Miss Vanity Shoulder Bag

When Dolce & Gabbana tones it down, the results can be quite alluring.

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The new Miss Vanity shoulder bag is gorgeous simplicity in a practical shape. The few small studs don't draw the attention away from the beautiful color and texture of the cognac leather, while the little D&G logo charms should satisfy even the most demanding of label whores. Pre-order now for August arrival.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

If sheep were into bondage...

I'd imagine it would look something like this:

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By UGG, of course, because I just can't pick on that company enough.