Friday, June 10, 2005

The Real Handbag of Glory

I think I might have found the actual Handbag of Glory which, if you recall, makes ladies weep when they see it, and sends those who touch it directly to heaven. Behold its incredible splendor:

Photo courtesy of Créateurs de Luxe

This is a stunning 30cm porosus crocodile Birkin, adorned with 18 karat gold hardware and nearly 10 carats of pavè diamonds. The cost of this sublime creation? A cool $49,999, plus $100 shipping. Hey, getting your hands on a piece of paradise can be really expensive. Luckily, the seller accepts American Express.

(Thanks to Jessica, the Purse Blog, and The Manolo for calling my attention to the Monkton's Handbag of Glory.)


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