Friday, April 15, 2005


I was browsing through my Google ads today, and I happened upon this one:

Top Designer Bags
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Of course I took a look, because who loves designer bags more than me? Perhaps I'm terribly naive, but I was unprepared for these hideous montrosities:

My eyes! Dear God, they're burning!

Okay, this is one of the many reasons I hate counterfeit bags. People carry this crap around and it sullies the name of the designers they knock off. Louis Vuitton never made these bags, and you only need to take one look at them to see why.

But do you know what really pisses me off? The fact that sites like this are actively trying to rip people off. Does it say anywhere in the item description that it's fake? Nope. You have to dig deep to find their disclaimer for that info. But the very worst is that they've stolen pictures of authentic bags to hawk their cheap crap! Let's take a look at some pics from the site.


Note the difference in quality. Guess which pic was stolen, and which they had to take themselves due to the lack of an available pic on eluxury.

Don't fall for this! If an $800 bag is being sold for $69, it's too good to be true. In all likelihood, you'll get something that will fall apart in a month or so.

Incidentally, if an LV bags comes with a "certificate of authenticity" or that little tag with the round plastic thingy, it's a fake for sure. Same goes for this yellow card:

I'll get off my soapbox now, but if you want more info on how to protect yourself from unwittingly buying fakes, check out for some great information.

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  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger Skylar said…

    Finally found someone who loves bags more than my wife :-)

  • At 5:43 PM, Blogger Loey said…

    Those bags are hideous! Come on, one look at the design and you would know only a pathetic imitation company can come up with such gross stuff.

  • At 7:14 PM, Blogger ClaraBarton said…

    Louis rip-offs are so legendary that Sir-Mix-a-Lot immortalized their hideouness in "Swap Meet Louis." Great rap!

  • At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Cordelia said…

    Let whoever falls for this scam and buys one of those bags pictured on the top enjoy the crappy quality of the bag, as well as the stares from onlookers who see that the bag is both nauseatingly ugly and a fake.

  • At 7:56 PM, Blogger Yo. said…

    i've got a tummy ache from looking at them!

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger ET said…

    I was thinking of posting on fake bags myself, having recently stumbled onto sites carrying "mirror image" merchandise. There are so many "stolen" photos out there now that I don't know what is what online and I have no idea who to trust. If these "mirror image" bags are SO CLOSE, how do I know that I am not paying $900 for a FAKE bag that was copied well? And it is a HUGE trademark violation to make a "mirror image" bag with the identification of the bag copied as well. That's why all of this stuff has to be shipped "from overseas" somewhere...and it should be seized at customs. (I'm a trademark attorney as well as a college instructor and student...LOL).

  • At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good blog!


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