Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pucci Purses

Emilio Pucci's exuberant patterns can get a little too loud for me sometimes, but once in a while I find some pieces that are more understated, yet still undeniably Pucci.

This East/West Canvas Tote in pink is fabulous, I love the large scale and vivid colors of the Congo print. The signature turquoise is in there, but is more subdued.

The Dance Silk Clutch is also gorgeous, and pretty generously sized. It comes with a lovely chain strap, which tucks into the interior when not in use. I like the elegant lines of this bag, and the leather trim is a really nice touch. It took a while, but these two prints have finally made me a Pucci fan.

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  • At 9:18 AM, Blogger Amblus said…

    Oh, the clutch is really nice. I'm not usually a big fan of patterns, but I love that one.

  • At 11:28 AM, Blogger The Princess said…

    PUCCI! I LOVE PUCCI! So fantastic! So FUN! So mischievious! PUCCI! It's even fun to say......(sigh) if only I could afford it (sad droopy face, little tears falling)


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