Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kelly bags for a song

I was browsing ebay and I found two great (and more importantly, authentic) Hermès Kelly bags that are currently still under $650!

This beauty has less than a day left and is in the signature orange.

And I love the color of this one. It's still at $500 with less than 2 days to go. Both purses still have their removable shoulder straps.

Kelly bags are the most timeless and elegant handbag. It was designed in the 1930's and renamed the Kelly in 1956 after Grace Kelly appeared on the cover of Life magazine wearing one. It's still one of the most popular bags that Hermès makes, and there is usually a long waiting list to get one. Prices start at around $5000 new, and the resale value of these puppies is incredibly high, so these vintage pieces are practically a steal.

These are, of course, entirely hand-crafted and can be sent back to the boutique any time to be refurbished. Hermès bags are the best-made in the world, and are passed down from mothers to daughters. So splurge, and think of it as an investment!

Photos courtesy of eLOT Auctions


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