Friday, November 18, 2005

It's raining Paddingtons!

Oh my, I was just browsing around and noticed that they have loads and loads of Paddingtons, in various styles and colors, available to order right now for those who don't mind possibly getting dinged by customs fees.

Photos courtesy of

Some interesting new styles are the Bouling (top left), the Shopping (top right, middle left in metallic), and the Mini Metallic (bottom right). For those who prefer the traditional Paddington that we've all come to know and love, it's available for 1045 EUR in a nice array of colors: Black, Tan, Whisky, Chocolate, Bordeaux, Blu Clair and Blanc.


  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger beatriss said…

    And.. they're gone. Wow, that was fast !

  • At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Has anyone ever heard of I saw the paddington there too ..

  • At 12:49 AM, Anonymous Handbags said…

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